Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Our Disney Wedding Planning Session, part 2: floral and cake

After returning to Franck's from our trip over to the Grand Floridian kitchen, we returned to Merriweather and met with Elizabeth from Disney Floral & Gifts, who handle all of the floral arrangements and decor elements of the wedding.  I sent her the link to my wedding board on Pinterest and partially filled out the floral planning form indicating what we were want ahead of our meeting.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  I've seen other Disney brides' floral bills and I think it's insane what Disney charges for flowers but, if you use outside floral, you get stuck with fees. So we plunged in...

For myself, I wasn't really sure if I wanted all of the floral elements to be matchy matchy or if we were going to go with personal floral that was different from the decor floral.  We decided not to do matchy-matchy. 

For myself, I requested a hand-tied, red rose bouquet in the bridesmaid size.  The stems will be wrapped with a black ribbon with white polka dots.  The ribbon will cover the entire stem.  No green sticking out the bottom. 

Our princess will carry a red rose wand.  I think that's three roses and a big bow of black ribbon with white polka dots.  She will totally love it. 

Prince Charming and our boys will have red rose boutonnieres with the same black and white ribbon.  I don't know how they're going to add ribbon to something so small, but I have faith in Disney. 

The flowers for the centerpieces and altar decoration are different.  No roses.  Instead, I wanted spider mums.  They don't sound very wedding-y but I love them.  There was one in a grocery store bouquet that Wayne gave me awhile ago and it reminded me of a burst of fireworks.  I took photos of it and sent it to Elizabeth with my survey.  She said that they don't grow that way, that my flower was sprayed or dyed but that they could do the same. 

So our altar arrangement, which will then be moved to the head table at the reception will be these spider mums, white gerbera daisies with dark centers and ting ting (that wiry, spiral-y, sparkly stuff that sticks up from flowers) in a long, low arrangement. 

The centerpieces will be a small grouping of the spider mums and ting ting, nestled in greenery in a cylinder vase, tied with our black ribbon with white polka dots. 

Elizabeth left and Maxine came back with the cake tasting tray.   OH. MY. WORD. The cake tasting tray was amazingly fun. 

Look at that!  Just look at it.  It was so cool.  We tasted five different cakes:  orange, almond, marble, chocolate and yellow.  They gave us a cup of their basic buttercream, which is what will be under the fondant.  It was pretty standard buttercream.  We also tasted their Bavarian Cream, Amaretto Mousse, Bailey's Mousse, White Chocolate Mousse, Tropical Mousse (a combo of passionfruit, mango and pineapple), Dark Chocolate Mousse, Mocha Mousse and Raspberry Mousse.

Prince Charming and I had an absolute blast mixing and matching fillings and cakes and feeding each other.  There were crumbs everywhere

The Bavarian Cream was kind of bland and boring.  Maxine warned us of that!  Other than that one, they were all AWESOME.  We decided that with our three layer cake, the bottom (biggest) layer would be chocolate cake and alternating filling of dark chocolate mousse and raspberry mousse with fresh raspberries. The middle layer is going to be almond cake with a mixture of Bailey's and Dark Chocolate mousse fillings.  The top layer is orange cake with tropical mousse filling. 

The cake is going to be decorated all in white, to be reminiscent of the clock in the line queue area for It's a Small World.  I'd post my sketch but that's all kinds of secret until the wedding itself.  I am ordering wooden peg dolls for the toppers-- bigger ones for me and the Prince; four smaller ones for the munchkins.


  1. The cake design sounds amazing! I can't wait to see it. I'm glad you're floral and cake meeting went well too. I think the cake tasting was my favorite part too! :)

  2. I want a piece of each layer!