Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thinking about Clothes

Today, on the David's Bridal Facebook page, this rocking pair of polka dot peeky toe shoes made an appearance.  My lovely and wonderful friend who works in the corporate offices of David's Bridal pointed them out to me.  At first, I was all, "Meh," but then I noticed that sassy platform.  I'm not normally a heel girl.  My messed up ankle makes wearing heels for a long period of time painful and I tend to look like a spastic robot trying to walk in them but I'd be willing to give it a try again for these babies.  Probably not for the actual wedding, but definitely for a wedding-related event.

But that got me thinking about the wedding day attire.  I'm really on the fence with this.  At first I thought I wanted a short dress.  Very shirtwaist, a-line, Donna Reed, 50s-ish.  Something like that one over there.  But that got me thinking about shoes.

I've been to Disney before.  There's a lot of walking involved.  I've been to weddings before.  There's walking, dancing, jumping around flapping your arms like a chicken.  More than likely, my feet and ankles are going to swell to the size of tree trunks and nobody wants to see that, let alone have it preserved for all of posterity in professional photography.  So maybe the short dress isn't for me, even if they are thematically perfect and adorable.

So if not a short dress, then definitely a long one.  But how long?  I definitely don't want a train. No need to add the possibility of tripping over my own feet into the mix of embarrassing possibilities.  That leaves me with floor-length, which I like.

I like the idea of floor-length gowns, even though this is a second wedding, because it means I can wear sneakers.  No, I'm not kidding. I have foot and ankle issues, I'm going to be on my feet all day.  I want to be able to dance like a maniac, so wearing red Chuck Taylors under my gown seems like a sassy idea.  Prince Charming would also wear them, making for cutesy footwear photos. And the kids too!  We'd be the adorable, red Chuck Taylor family!

Back to the dress.  This is Disney we're talking about so there's the possibility of going full princess.  This dress is actually only "moderate princess" or "princess subdued" based on the lack of poofy poofy crinolines but I really love those pick-up bunchy things.  I'd probably skip the pink belt thing or go with white or blingy.  Of course, I'd have to try one on first because that model is super twiggy and I, well, am not.

I get the feeling that my mom wouldn't approve of this gown.  She talked me out of strapless before.  I really, really want strapless though.  I swear I will duct tape the sucker to my chest to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions. I never expected to be doing this whole wedding thing again so I kinda feel like this time, I'm doing it my way and whoever doesn't like my choices can go suck an egg.

The more I look at this, the more I like it.  It just seems super formal and that's totally not the feel we're going for.

I think I'd like something like this.  Still strapless.  The model is kinda busty, so I think it would suit me.  It's not clingy but it's not poofy either.  It looks soft and flowy and I could definitely rock some 80s style sneakers under it.

Of course, all of these thoughts could go out the window if I try on something random and fall in love with it.  I could end up in a satin mermaid gown with sequins or something!  Who knows?

I feel like I need to mention that all of these gowns are from David's Bridal and that's where I'm planning to get my gown.  I've heard that their gowns are virtually indestructible and that's pretty important for a klutz like me. 


  1. i love both those dresses, they were both on my list when i was shopping for my wedding! -- skye

  2. My vote is for the first with the red Chucks!!! It's fun and flirty and I think the sneakers would further the fun element. Thus bringing more of your own style and personality into the wedding. One question? Can we do red glittered shoe laces??

    Love ~Carly