Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I really, really hate her already

I've been using this website to track my calories and exercise and all that stuff to help me with the weight loss thing. Some of my friends have had tremendous luck using just the site and watching what they eat.  Me?  I'm falling far short of my goal of six pounds per month.  Here we are, four months deep into the year and I've lost eight pounds total.  I haven't been particularly dieting or exercising, so that's not so hard to believe.  Actually, I'm quite shocked it's that much. I need to do better.

So, I did something drastic. I drove myself over to Target and bought Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred.

I felt like I needed to be sneaky about the purchase, like the rest of the Target shoppers would point and snicker when they saw the fat girl putting a workout DVD in her cart.  I was careful to hide it under some Special K Red Berries and some socks.  I picked a cashier who was a bit on the chubby side too.  At least I can point and snicker at myself, right?

The DVD sat on the shelf in my living room for two days.  I put it in today and HOLY COW, the basic level-1 workout totally kicked my butt.  I mean really.  REALLY.  The sweat was pouring down my face and back and toward the end I just couldn't keep going. And of course, Jillian was berating me for not being able to finish.  She kept pointing to the incredibly fit chick to her left that was doing the "modified" (read: fat person) routine.  She mentioned how she's had 400 pound people do these exercises and they did it and she knew I could do it too. I wanted to throw something at her. Prince Charming might kill me if I threw something at his new tv.  I'll have to restrain myself.  Anyway, my heart was pounding and my boobs hurt from jumping up and down because I didn't think to put on a sports bra.

It hit me about five minutes after I was done. I sat down and I felt good.

Isn't that weird?

I loved that tight muscle feeling and being a little winded.  I kinda can't wait until tomorrow.  It is kinda cool to know that I can switch the DVD to music only and not listen to Jillian but for now, I need her to be mean to me.


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  2. I hate her too!!! As far as the can count me as one of those who has lost some weight, but now have completly stalled. Ugh!!

  3. Keep it up chickie! I'm in a rut now myself but the more u keep @ it the better ull get @ it! I look foward to seeing the new u soon. U can always call me if u n eed anything!