Sunday, July 3, 2011

And I brush and brush and brush and brush my hair...

That darned song from Tangled has been stuck in my head for weeks!  Last Saturday I finally made it to the salon where I get my hair done for a trim and highlights.  I'd never had color done in a salon before so it was kind of fun to have all of my hair wrapped in aluminum foil.  Between Tangled and my appointment, I started thinking about wedding hair. 

It's kind of hard to make a decision about my hair for the wedding this early because I don't have a dress or anything yet but I do know the "feel" we're trying to achieve and I know me.

I go through all of these bridal magazines and blogs and wedding message boards (the Disney ones and the regular ones) and see all of these elaborate hair-dos that are so vastly different from the way the brides look every day that they're barely recognizable.  I don't think that's really right for me, you know?  I don't want to look like someone else.  I like me.  Clearly, Prince Charming does too.

So I think that wedding day hair should be like your everyday hair style, just amped up a little bit.  A tad fancier but still you.

That's me, looking like an alien, and the
Color Master, Scott.
So like I said up there, I got highlights done last week.  I told my stylist, the amazing Scott Schweigert, that I wanted the color to be noticeable but subtle and let him do his thing. 

I sat in the chair and looked like I could receive cable television and messages from aliens with all of the foil on my head, and in the end, I absolutely loved the color.  So I fancied up my hair a little for my everyday look and I'm fairly certain I'm going to maintain it and probably go a little less subtle.

Right now, my hair somewhere between neck length and shoulder length.  I had cut it fairly short around my birthday in February and Prince Charming complained.  He likes it longer.  So I've been growing it back out since then.  I told Scott that I'm growing it out for the wedding and he's helping me keep it in shape while it grows.  It's better to have longer hair for the wedding because it's a little more versatile.

I'm not sure that I want an updo even though there are a lot that I've seen that I really like. I favor the loose, slightly sloppy updo with lots of free strands around the face.

The thing about all of these looks that concerns me is that all of these pictures are of thin women.  I'm not downing my weight loss efforts or anything but I don't think I'll ever be in the weight range of these women.  Even at my thinnest ever, I was about 150 pounds and looking at pictures from that time period, I look too thin.  Kind of like a lollypop.  But whatever, what I'm wondering is if this type of style will flatter my face.

My other hair thought is to stick to something closer to like my every day hair style.  Medium length, sort of fluffy.  I like long bangs and layers.  These are the pictures I gave Scott when I cut my hair short.

Most days I can sort of get it to look like these.  Hopefully by the time the wedding rolls around, my hair will be longer, so I'm thinking that my every day style will be more like these.

I guess I'll have to keep thinking about it and see where the length is as we get closer.  Either way, I'm pretty settled on being veil-less and instead wearing some kind of blingy hair clip or headband.

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  1. Ahhh, the fabulous Scott! Can't wait to see the color!!