Saturday, July 23, 2011

Whistle While You Wait!

I went to the post office this morning with a pile of envelopes.  Inside those envelopes were the long-discussed Save-the-Dates!  It took me forever to get the project to come together but I finished half of them this morning and just had to rush them out. 

The envelopes are modified 6x9 white catalog envelopes.  I cut about 3 inches off the end and created a flap and then used a glue stick to seal them.  The J&W came from the Close to My Heart Polka Dot Alphabet Stamp Set.  And you can't see it in this photo, but I also stamped a polka dot arrow and the phrase "Just for You" from the Close to my Heart stamp set called Magic Tabs.  

On to what's inside the envelopes...

There's a pre-RSVP postcard.
 Our address is pre-printed on the postcard, I just whited it out for the interwebs.  You know, safety and all. Additionally, the G in godmother should be capitalized but I didn't notice that until after the cards were printed.  It's driving me crazy that it's not but I'm trying to let go of my issues.  These are all being mailed back to me anyway! 

And here's the front of the postcard:

That gets layered on top of a CD case. 

Inside that CD case there is a, shocker, CD and a song list!

If you can't read the list of what's on the CD, here it is: 
1) A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes- original from Cinderella (Disney Channel Stars)
2) The Best Thing I Never Knew I Needed-  from The Princess and the Frog (Ne-Yo)
3) Someday My Prince Will Come- original from Snow White  (Ashley Tisdale)
4) Kiss the Girl- from The Little Mermaid (Samuel E. Wright)
5) Can You Feel the Love Tonight?- from The Lion King (Elton John)
6)You’ve Got a Friend in Me-  from Toy Story (Randy Newman)
7) Candle on the Water- original from Pete’s Dragon (Anneliese van der Pol)
8) Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride-  from Lilo & Stitch (Kamehameha Schools Children’s Choir)
9) It’s a Small World- from Fantasyland, WDW (Disneyland Children’s Choir)
10) Little Wonders- from Meet the Robinsons (Rob Thomas)
11) The Promise- from Illuminations: the EPCOT fireworks show (Kellie Coffey)
12) Ever Ever After- from Enchanted (Carrie Underwood)
13) Go the Distance- from Hercules (Michael Bolton)
14) There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow- from Tomorrowland, WDW (Rex Allen)
15) I See the Light- from Tangled (Mandy Moore & Zachary Levi)
16) A Whole New World- from Aladdin (Lea Salonga & Brad Kane)
17) If I Didn’t Have You- from Monsters Inc. (Billy Crystal & John Goodman)
18) Beauty and the Beast- from Beauty and the Beast (Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson)
19) You’ll be in my Heart- from Tarzan (Phil Collins)
20) Life is a Highway- from Cars (Rascal Flatts)
21) When You Wish Upon a Star- from Pinocchio (Gene Simmons)

I layered the CD with the postcard and wrapped it with a red ribbon.  Some have really wide red ribbon with white polka dots.  Some have narrower red ribbon with dots and some just have plain red ribbon.  On top of the ribbon, I glued a black Mickey head. 

The first batch of these went out this morning so I guess in two to three days they'll be in the hands of our friends and family.  I can't wait!


  1. What a clever idea! Did you get any feedback from family and friends? I'm sure they loved them!

  2. Thanks LisaMarie! The feedback from our family and friends was that they loved them. My poor sister has had the CD on repeat in her car since she received it. Her kids insist!