Friday, August 31, 2012

Keeping the Kids Busy

I'm starting to tie up all of the little loose ends!

Today my munchkins had the day off from school (why?!?!?!?) so I was limited in what I could do with my day.  So I sat down at the computer to put together a little activity book for all of the kids who will be at the wedding.  While I am dreaming of dancing like a crazy person with all of our munchkins, doing every silly participation dance out there, I know that they will likely want some time at their table too.  So here's what I did.

I created this little beauty in PowerPoint, figuring that of the programs I have at home, it would be the easiest in which to manipulate images. There are a slew of Disney coloring pages out there on the web.  I was looking specifically for wedding images but I also included some that are just couples.  I also threw in some wedding themed games and puzzles.

The cover is in a font that Disney used to use in the 80s.  It's free and available to download.  It's called Florida Project.  On the back, I put the date and location of the wedding. The finished book will be a folded, stapled 4.5 x 8.5 booklet.  You know, half of a standard sheet of paper.  I was thinking I'd have the cover printed on red cardstock, but then the kids couldn't color the castle.

Click for a sneak preview (black and white line drawings!  Such exciting graphics!)

At Staples Back to School sale, I bought a 24-count Crayola Crayon box for each kid.  At $.25 a pack, they were a steal.  I also have a couple small Disney toys from the dollar store and maybe I'll add a treat or two. I want to decorate each bag like the one shown but instead of animal print stripes, I'd do polka dots.  Instead of the animal, I'd use a cricut image of Mickey, Minnie and Donald, coordinating the kid's assigned table. 


  1. Hope said this:
    I want one!!!!

    This is so cool Juli! I actually found a cool Disney Princess Wedding coloring book at the grocery store that came with stickers and we gave it to our flower pixie (I kept one for myself). I think it had similar pictures to the one you got for free from the net. I love this idea and I think the finished baggies will look adorable once you put the finishing touches on them. I'm so excited for you!!!! :)

    but because I'm an idiot, I clicked "delete" instead of publish. Sorry Hope!!!

  2. LOL That's okay! I just wanted you to know I thought these were cool. :)