Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fit to be Tied, part 2

The Results are IN and they're bright and colorful!

I really like the results.  I don't necessarily see the spiral effect in the first two sets of shirts and there's a lot of white but they are really, really cool.  I am surprised by the white because I used a lot of dye and really pushed the tip of the squeeze bottle down into the folds.  The rainbow one in the back is a little more disappointing.  I would have liked more color but my niece loves it and the shirt is for her so that's good enough for me. 

The third and fourth photos are of my second round of dyeing.  This batch I banded up a little looser and used even more dye.  They're really bright and colorful but I sewed the floss directly on my outlines and I think that led to skewed Mickeys.  Also, I banded alot and tightly but I would have liked more definition around the Mickeys.   I'm going to try using a bleach pen to highlight the ears a little better.

If you're coming to this post from Pinterest, you want the first of these two posts with the actual directions.