Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What a tease!

I found these on the web.  It's not ours.
Just so you know...
I've been sweating over these save-the-dates for awhile now.

When I started, I thought we should do a simple postcard or a magnet with out wedding information and a pre-RSVP.  I went to a bunch of websites and played with a few layouts and asked some of my fellow Disney brides what they thought. I calculated and thought and deliberated and ruminated and all of that stuff and then I scrapped the whole idea.

A Save-the-Date should be memorable and hint at other things to come: the invitation and the wedding.  Because we were planning to send these so far in advance to gauge who may or may not be coming to the wedding, we wanted something that wouldn't be as likely to end up in the recycling bin, something uniquely Disney.  Short of sending mouse ears embroidered with the date, we couldn't think of anything good.

And then my iTunes shuffled to the theme from Beauty and the Beast and it was like the proverbial lightbulb turned on. I may have actually said, "Well, duh!" out loud.

I started to put together a playlist.  And some graphics for a label.  And an idea and it all just came together.

But they're not quite ready to be mailed off yet so I'm not going to post that playlist here (it involves Gene Simmons of Kiss!!!) Yet!  I'm also not going to show you the whole thing right now.

Just a nibble.

A taste

An appetizer.

Here you go...

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