Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weigh-In Wednesday #10

Ugh... I want to go back to Weight Watchers but I can't really squeeze it into my budget.  So I have to go it on my own and that means building up my willpower, not eating when I'm bored and eating better food choices.

I've been pretty good about that but when I don't, it seems like I go waaaaaay overboard. 

I weighed in today at 285.  Same as I was in November.  I should be down 24 pounds by now and that would be 262. 

I need to go back to Jillian and Just Dance. 

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  1. If you can't afford WW, try to implement stuff you remember or can get for free. I also didn't want to pay for it so I"m relying on memory and free points guides online to get back in the swing of things. The important thing is that I've cut back on my portions and am trying my hardest to measure things out like they tell you to, "palm size", "tennis ball size", etc. I've been a big snacker lately too so it's been hard but now I'm forcing myself to go for grapes instead of cookies. Hang in there! You can totally do it!! :D