Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tips for Disney Wedding Guests

Disney Wedding celebrity (author of the most awesome Disney wedding planning guide available)  Carrie Hayward did a podcast this week for guests of Disney weddings, both Florida and California   with tons of info on planning a Disney vacation and being a guest at a DFTW.  Because Carrie is another Disney fan and not an employee of DFTW or the Disney company, she can share her real thoughts and opinions.

Her guest on this podcast is Hope.  You know Hope!  Hope is the one person who consistently comments on this blog!  She's positive and upbeat and awesome.

Here it is for you guys, one click away:  Tips for Disney Wedding Guests, part 1

and released later Tips for Disney Wedding Guests, part 2

You should click on that link and listen!  I will come back and add part 2 when Carrie posts it!

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