Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Ever-Growing To-Do list...

Note:  I am not Patrick the Starfish.
I've been going through my notes for the wedding as we get closer and closer to the big day and my to-do list seems to be growing instead of shrinking!

Let's see, I've contacted and made deposits to the cosmetologist, the officiant, and the photographer.

Just in case you're interested, we're using
Beaute Speciale
Sensational Ceremonies
Jason Angelini Photography

I've contacted Kids' Nite Out for childcare assistance the day of the wedding. Kids' Nite Out is an AMAZING company that provides childcare services either in your resort room or as a mother's/father's helper.  Don't get me wrong, it's not a cheap service, but if you're on vacation and your little ones are going to conk out at 7 pm after a long day at the parks and you want to experience some of the possibilities of Disney night life, it's TOTALLY worth the price.  I recommend them to everyone planning a Disney trip with little kids.

I've got several florists emailing me price proposals but I think I've changed my mind on the direction for our personal floral.  I will still be using Disney Floral for the dessert party, because it is a requirement for in-park events.

Not the final button design, but close!
I've gotten some custom printables from EverAfter Printables on Etsy.  Wendy, the person who does all of the design work for EverAfter is another Disney bride.  Her wedding is actually just a couple days after ours!  Her work is so adorable and great, I couldn't resist having her put some little touches for us to use for the wedding. 

Last week I went over to the local craft stores and started making my ribbon wands for the staged exit.  Let me tell you, driving little eye hooks into the top of narrow wooden dowels is hard.  Then, because I'm a total nut, I added a jump ring with a little jingle bell.  Tutorial for this project is forthcoming!

I still need to purchase the supplies for my table name signs.

Cute, right? 
I believe that we have decided to skip the wedding programs because we don't have a bridal party and our ceremony is going to be very simple.  I had planned to do Mickey fans.  I don't know, maybe I still will.  It depends on the RSVPs and my time.

We received the custom napkins and coasters that we ordered from the big sale over at The Knot a couple of weeks ago.  In that order were also these darling little photo coasters that I'm planning to use instead of escort cards.  I need to set that up too. 

Also left on the to-do list:  Menu Cards.  Can't do those until the menu is finalized.

 Memorial candle and sign/note are still left as to-do but I find mysefl wondering, how many people di you acknowledge?  How far back do you go with the lost loved ones? 

Hopefully tonight I will be purchasing my red Converse Chuck Taylors that I plan to wear for the wedding.  (and Prince Charming too), but mine will be all sparkly.  Glittering the shoes is another project on my list. Actually, in the realm of wedding attire, the only thing purchased so far is my dress.  We need to find a suit for PC but he's hoping to drop a size or two.  The munchkins also need clothes but I'm planning to do that much closer to the wedding because those kids tend to grow! 

Lastly but not leastly, I need to buy the sand ceremony frame.

Wow, this list is a little overwheming.

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  1. It is overwhelming, but I have full faith that you'll get everything done in time. Wendy's buttons are so cool. We made some for our anniversary last year (on our own) and it was such a cute idea that I wish we had thought of it for the wedding week. It's such a great way to add even more personalization to your wedding. I've seen some amazing work by Jason and the ladies at Beaute Speciale lately so you're in wonderful hands!

    The ribbon wands sound so cute - especially with the little bells. You're full of great ideas! I like the coasters too (gotta love useful favors/wedding crafts). For the memorial things, you could just limit it to the people that mean the most to you or your relationship. Usually it's people that helped to shape who you are (parents or grandparents for example). There aren't any "rules" so just do what feels right to you.

    Can't wait to see your glitterified shoes and to see what you choose for the kids to wear.