Monday, June 6, 2011

Sparkly, Sparkly, Sparkly

I admit I am a serious dork and I am counting down until November 18th when Breaking Dawn premieres.

I'd like to point out that I've been a huge fan of vampire fiction since my junior year in high school when someone loaned me Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice.  I swear, I've read most of the Vamp Lit that's out there.  Still, at least right now, the Twilight series is my favorite series and I love the movies.  I watch them a lot. I have an addiction and it must be fed. 

In case you didn't know, the last Twilight book, Breaking Dawn, starts with a wedding. Hello!  CityGirl is in HEAVEN!  Woo hoo!  I must analyze every aspect!

Last night, after Game of Thrones, I had to watch the MTV Movie Awards because the cast of Twilight was nominated for a bunch of awards.  Additionally, they premiered a longer sneak peak trailer of Breaking Dawn, part 1, and there were some tidbits of wedding-y goodness.

For example, the barrette/hairpiece thingy that Bella is wearing to attach her veil.  Hello, sparkly gorgeousness!  I love it.  It's just blingy enough.  It's elegant and simple but beautiful.  I may have to grow my hair out and find a knockoff even though I didn't plan on wearing a veil.   I love it.  It's perfect for Bella.

It's the only real bit of the wedding ensemble you get to see in this clip.  You don't get to see the dress (duh!) but you do see that it has long sleeves.  She's wearing her engagement ring.  The veil isn't over her face. 

And then there's the brief, couple seconds of Edward waiting under a canopy of flowers, under a flowering tree (what kind of tree is that???), looking all gorgeous and amazing. Look at those twisted branch benches the guests are sitting on!  It's gorgeous and totally Alice and most likely absolutely impossible to replicate without a few million dollars at your disposal.

Also released yesterday but only glimpsed at in the trailer were the invitations for Bella and Edward's wedding.  The wording is simple and traditional: Bella and Edward, together with their families request the honor of your presence at the celebration of their marriage.  The font is ultra-traditional too, a simple serif font. No Scriptina for Bella and Edward. There's a little flowery design thing at the top. I can't figure out if it's supposed to be like the flowers up the aisle and on the bower, or if it's just a design of some sort.

We did get to see that the envelopes were hand-calligraphed with black ink.  Nothing too plain, nothing too fancy.  (It is interesting that Aro's invite is addressed to Resident at a nothing address!)

I wish you could see the return address!

So Bella and Edward's wedding is not remotely similar to our style.  It's pretty much the exact opposite! Still, my extreme Twilight fangirlishness required that I analyze the little bits that Summit Entertainment fed us last night.  Before I go back to planning my own wedding, I just have to make one more teeny tiny comment about the trailer: HEADBOARD!  Squeeee!  I can't wait until November 18th.

And just because, here's the trailer:

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  1. I love Alice!! She is the planning goddess I aspire to be. ~Carly