Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday #12

I am as sick as a dog and fairly miserable but I have added motivation in the weight management category. Prince Charming and I are about to book our honeymoon!

My Hubbs (his newish nickname!) wanted turquoise waters and somewhere tropical for our honeymoon.  We looked at resorts and locations and have decided we're going to try cruising!  I've been scouring all of the websites and reading the reviews and checking our bank account and we've narrowed down some times and trips and locations.  We're pretty decided on a Carnival cruise, as their prices are really good and seem like the atmosphere we want for our trip.  Plus they're mostly inclusive; alcohol is out of pocket.

Can you hear me squee from where you are?

But the idea of a tropical vacation means appearing in public in a swimsuit.  Yikes!  So I weighed myself this morning.  271 pounds.  About where I was when the Prince and I got together.  Still waaaaaaay more than is really good for me.

I have two major issues:
1.  I am really sedentary.  I just am.  I hate exercise.
2.  My 10 pm snack.

A lot of the junk is out of the house.  We've tried to stock up on healthier stuff.  I'm trying to move more.  Also, I've been very good with my soda intake.  I haven't knocked it out completely, but it's way, way, way down.

I need to stay inspired!

I will continue the wedding trip recap, I swear it!!!


  1. Your honeymoon sounds awesome! I don't own swimwear and the thought of wearing it in public is a scary thought for me, but I applaud you for using that as your motivation to stay fit. Good for you for cutting down on the soda. What's your 10pm snack? Maybe if you allowed an indulgence at dinner, you wouldn't "need" the snack? What about meal replacement shakes since you don't work out? (Like the ones you make your own or the Shakeology ones). I've heard from some people that have done that and have dropped their holiday weight. You can do it Juli!

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