Monday, October 15, 2012

By this time in two weeks...

... we will be in Orlando, probably standing in line waiting for our Disney's Magical Express bus to take us to the Art of Animation Resort.

It's coming down to the wire here!

This is not us.  :) 
I made the tutu for Munchkin #2's Halloween costume and was covered in glitter in the process.  We're all dressing as the cast of Up.  She's going to be Kevin the Snipe.  So I bought six different colors of tulle and made a poufy tutu that's longer in the back than in the front to give her a birdy shape.  It's adorable.  I need to make ears and tails for #3 and #4 to be dogs.  Dug and Alpha.  Hee hee.  Their costumes will be fairly minimalist-- tee shirts and shorts in the appropriate colors with ears, tails and a little face paint.  I have almost all of my Ellie gear together and I need suspenders for Prince Charming.  Where does one even buy suspenders?  I need to make the sash and badges for #1 to be Russell.

Oh, I also canceled the expensive bouquet through Disney for Munchkin #2.  I bought a red silk rose ball for her at Hobby Lobby and I added ivory roses and little yellow flowers to it, making it really full and she can keep it forever if she wants.  My flower ball was about $30 versus $50 from Disney and mine is sturdier and will last.

I spent yesterday at the mall with three little boys trying to find their outfits for the wedding.  I think I deserve a medal for surviving the experience.  If you happen to be looking for dress clothes for little boys in navy blue or black, you will have no trouble at all. I was looking for tan/taupe and we went to three different department stores.

I bought these shoes times six. 
In the first, I found red, clip-on, dotted ties for kids, so I snapped those up.  In the second, they had pants that would fit two of the three boys and all of their dress shirts looked dirty to me.  In the third I found flat-fronted tan pants that I guess are intended as uniforms.  They were dressy enough.  I'm glad though, that I went through the hassle of having them try the pants on because they each ended up in pants a couple of sizes bigger than what they ordinarily wear.  That said, I have three small pairs of pants that all need several inches cut off and hemmed.  So I guess I know what I'll be doing this week!

I also bought the last two pairs of the red Chuck Taylor sneakers we needed.

My to do list still has far too many things on it. I still haven't painted to cake toppers.  I need to hem the boys' pants.  I need to start packing.  Finish the costumes.  Finish the welcome bags.

Two weeks!  Two weeks until we're in Florida!!!!  I can't wait!!!!

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  1. Two weeks!!!!!! :)

    I think it's so cute that you're all going as the characters from Up for Halloween. I saw suspenders for sale at Friar Tux. I'm sure any Men's wearhouse would have them. Maybe even discounters like Ross or Marshalls? In a pinch, you could also just paint them on to his shirt or use dark ribbon and make your own.

    Good luck with the last minute crafts.