Friday, September 14, 2012

What I've been doing...what's left to do?

Escort cards/favors:  done

Names smeared to protect the innocent!  

The activity books are mostly done but my stapler isn't long enough to use so I have to punch holes and tie with ribbon.

I found this cute little box to hold our rings at Hobby Lobby.  I added the flower to the top.  I need to add a little red pillow and a ribbon to the inside.

I bought a red LED candle to use as a memorial candle.  (Reception is outdoors-- doesn't go well with actual flames!) Made a little sign to go with it.

Our buttons that go in the welcome bags are finished and I should receive them in a few days. 

I put the magnets on the door hangers that go in the welcome bags. 

I bought the bags to make the kids goodie bags and I've started collecting other things for the welcome bags. 

I made some flower clips for my hair. 

I need to make Wayne's ball cap ears. 

I believe I have finished the ceremony (except Wayne's vows).  I need to send it to our officiant for approval. 

I need to buy a sand ceremony kit.

Wayne needs to get a suit and I will then follow his choice for the boys.  

Need to buy Hershey's Kisses and label them for favors. 

I should probably call the store and check on Munchkin #2's dress. 

Would like to design and print "I Spy Cards" to put on the tables-- a list of photos for guests to collect.  Really a cute idea.   

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