Friday, May 11, 2012

Coming Soon: DFTW Planning Session!

It's almost time for us to actually do some planning for the wedding.  At this point, the invitations are out.  (We've actually gotten THREE RSVPs already!) We've planned our trip and purchased our Halloween night tickets for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.  Some of our guests are booked and confirmed as well.  We've already met our guaranteed room night requirement and will get our free night at the Disney Resort of our choice.  We chose The Polynesian because we're dorky like that! SQUEEEEE!  So that's the overview update of what's going on!

It's just like Mexico!  Only it's Florida!
Our appointment for the wedding planning session with DFTW is Friday, June 1.  (They only do these on weekdays...) You know what that means?  Wayne and I get a weekend getaway to the World!!!!  We're staying at Coronado Springs- our first moderate resort together!  We were able to get a great rate and decided to splurge just a little on a romantic, wedding-focused weekend just for us.  We are going to activate our annual passes and be all mushy and goofy in the parks and have dinner at one of our favorite places and hold hands through Wishes on Saturday night.

The planning session starts at Franck's Bridal Studio to discuss all the details of the wedding-- music, floral, linens, decor, set-up.  You know, all the fun stuff that I've been agonizing over but have been unable to check off the list until this meeting happens! I'm sort of tempted to put together a PowerPoint with all of the stuff I've been collecting on Pinterest with my sketches, set to music and be really silly and over the top with it.  Except I have virtually no free time and I'm stressed to the max already.  Anyway...

After our time at Franck's, we head over to the Grand Floridian Convention Center to do a menu tasting!

I am so excited for this!
I know everything at Disney is Magical
but really, salad is salad!
DFTW sent us a huge packet of potential menus, both buffet and plated, and they all sounded so incredible.  We decided that we were going to do a buffet for the adults and the kids will receive a plated dinner of kid food.  This saves us from having to reserve a buffet spot for chicken nuggets or Mickeyroni and Cheese.

It was really tough to sort through the menus and select only eight dishes to try.  Only three of our choices could be proteins (main entrees).  We had to figure out if we pick menu items that are our tast or dishes that we think might be more appealing to our less adventurous family members.  Then it was a question of deciding between a Meditterranean style meal, something with more of a Caribbean flair or perhaps Italian.  There were so many things that made our mouths water but while we wanted to try things like their cold seafood bar, DFTW tells you in their email that you should use the tasting to try things that are unusal. Everyone knows how tasty shrimp cocktail is, why waste an item on it when you can taste Three-Peppercorn Whole Grain Mustard Rubbed Beef Strip Loin with Caramelized Red Onion Compote and Gorgonzola Cheese Fondue?

We have our list all compiled and waiting.  I have to send it to Maxine, our wedding coordinator, within the next two weeks.

This is someone else's cake tasting, mine hasn't happenedyet. 
This one is from Carrie Heyward's blog
In addition to tasting the meal items that will potentially be served at our wedding reception, we get to sample cakes and fillings.  OH. MY. GOODNESS.  The list of fillings is amazing! 

They tell us that we should bring with us any photos or ideas that convey the style of wedding we want, have photos and fabric swatches of my bridal gown (not possible, our shopping appointment is scheduled for June 9th) as well as bridesmaids' gowns (again, not possible, we're not having any), photos of floral styles for bouquets and centerpieces (that I can do!), photos of cake styles (I have a sketch!) and a note pad and pen for notes.  I think the most important item for me to have with us is going to be a camera. 

Hello!  I'm a scrappbooker! 

So we'll be in Florida until Sunday morning.  Our Saturday plan is to wander Epcot.  We have an early dinner reservation at LeCellier!  (WOOO HOO!) and then go over to the Magic Kingdom for some of our favorite rides and Wishes fireworks. 

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  1. Sounds like it's going to be a blast! I can't wait to read all about it!! :D