Monday, March 5, 2012

Awesome Disneyland Flash Mob Proposal

We're in kind of a quiet period of wedding planning so to keep the blog alive and stuff, I wanted to share a video I stumbled across on YouTube that makes me cry like a little girl every time I watch it.  And I've watched it a lot.

The song, is Bruno Mars' 'Marry You.'  So sweet!


  1. Wasn't that awesome?? I know the girl gets a lot of flack on you tube for being so unemotional, but she was probably just shocked and trying to process everything. If it were me, I'd probably be sobbing and that's not cute. lol

    I was actually there that day but sadly missed the flashmob. It would've been cool to actually see it live too!

  2. I didn't think she was unemotional. Once she realized it's about her, her hands go over her mouth, it's adorable. I love this! Can't believe you were almost a witness. Nothing that cool happens in Central Pennsylvania.

    1. I think you should set the trend in Central PA and do something like this! ;)